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Junior Seals Culture

The Junior Seals lacrosse program provides opportunities for boys and girls to become better lacrosse players, athletes, academics and citizens, all while having fun in the process. Led by Seals players, the youth program emphasizes teamwork, respect, dedication, accountability, sportsmanship and a We Over Me mentality. Effort and hustle are rewarded by a coaching staff that truly cares about the health and well-being of every player. This is your opportunity to learn from the best to help you achieve your on- and off-field goals!

Why Box Lacrosse?

When taught properly, box lacrosse provides players with an improved skillset that applies both in the box and on the field. Learning to pass and shoot in tight spaces, understanding on-ball defensive techniques and strategies…and getting more reps and touches collectively lead to more complete lacrosse players. The best in lacrosse play box. So should you!

Benefits of Box Lacrosse

  • More REPS!
  • Players are constantly learning offense and defense making them well rounded players
  • Tighter spaces and faster ball movement improves stick skills and field awareness
  • Learn to handle the ball and make smart decisions under pressure
  • Bigger goalies and smaller nets force players to learn finishing skills and shoot the ball with accuracy 
  • When box players take their skills to the field, the game slows down and players can play more calm, relaxed and confident.