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"My son has been a part of the Jr Seals since Cam & Wes started the initial training sessions. The training has been conducted at the highest level each practice session. The coaches teach and reinforce the fundamentals of proper box lacrosse play and explain to the players the subtle difference between field and box lacrosse. Although the training sessions are fun and engaging this is not a “come and throw the ball around good old time” program. This is top level box lacrosse training for beginners to advance players who want to expand their playing into box lacrosse, improve their stick and ball handling skills. Plus, it is done in a manner to keep the kids engaged while having a great time and becoming much better lacrosse players. All of the kids get along, treat each other with respect and have built friendships with each other. The coaches are all professional NLL players currently playing on the Seals team. They bring a vast amount of experience and demonstrate each week they are simply here to help these kids become the best they can. I have recommended other parents to this program and within two practice sessions the parents are stating they are seeing improvement in their child’s skill level and their kids are having a blast while improving. Beginner or seasoned lacrosse player, if you want to help your kid improve their lacrosse game in a competitive atmosphere you would be hard pressed to find a better program than with the San Diego Jr Seals program."

"The experience has really been amazing in every aspect and our daughter is totally hooked and can’t wait for another opportunity to play again soon! The rapid and quick nature of the game provided a huge confidence boost to our daughter as well as the ability to sharpen both her individual skills as well as build a supportive “ I have your back" team dynamic.  We saw her step up and be more of a leader, jump in to do draws and continue to push herself beyond her limits because she felt “free” to challenger herself outside of the proverbial “box". The coaching staff has been really encouraging, empowering and did an amazing job of providing continuity for the group of girls having never played before as well as being so supportive to every athlete out there. As a parent/spectator and as a player/athlete, we both are totally hooked on every aspect of this fast paced game of skill and strategy of USBOXLA for girls. It was a freeing experience for our daughter in that she was able to participate in a sport for the first time without limits on what potential she was able to reach and achieve. It was a very empowering experience that she had in a weekend tournament and we can’t wait to see USBOXLA fully realized and available for girls of all ages nationally.

Our daughter's message to any girl that is hesitant or thinking about trying it out is to GO FOR IT and she guarantees that they will be hooked for life like she is after only one weekend!  It has and will do amazing things for the girls physically, mentally, emotionally and most of all give them a confidence and self esteem boost like they have never experienced! It is a unique growth opportunity and experience for girls and definitely NOT to be missed!"

"My son has played lacrosse in San Diego for the past nine years. He’s been a member of rec teams, select traveling clubs and high school varsity squads. He has also participated in countless private lessons with a number of very qualified instructors. Even with his diverse background, I say with all confidence that the eight months he has practiced with the Junior Seals is the best training he has ever received. He has grown more as a player during this period than any other. Cam, Wes, Moose and Eli implement a perfect balance of hard work and desire to improve, with remembering that the game is played because it is fun. Our only regret is that the Seals did not come to San Diego sooner! I would recommend the Junior Seals program without hesitation to players of any skill level."

"Your box team is his ABSOLUTE favorite lacrosse team and has taught him more lacrosse than anything else he has had! Period!  He looks forward to those practices every week. We are soo thankful for what you are doing. You have helped a lot of kids WAY more than you realize. I already have all the days on the calendar for this summer, we can’t wait!"

"I have both of my sons (ages 8 and 10) participating in the Junior Seals.  It is by far their favorite days of the week and the practice they look most forward to attending (they play multiple sports). The action is fast and the coaches do an excellent job.  The coaches are enthusiastic, positive but still demanding of the players. As a parent, I have high standards for how our family budget gets spent regarding sports. The Junior Seals program is by leaps and bounds better than any other program in any sport. It has also been rewarding to watch my sons grow the skills they initially learned from field lacrosse. The passing and movement they are learning from Jr Seals are years ahead of what they would have developed playing on a large outdoor field. Due to the small confines of the box, they must play an unselfish style of lacrosse which is incredible to watch. The coaches of the Jr Seals are professional athletes.  Not only are they the best in the world in their sport, they are also world-class people. Communication from the program has been flawless. Any questions I have asked have been answered immediately."

"My daughter has LOVED her experience with Kelsey and the Seals coaching staff. It is truly exciting to be a part of something that is not only on its way to being massive but creating a new avenue for girls and women. Box lacrosse is a much faster and more aggressive level of play requiring a different level of Lacrosse IQ. My daughters confidence has skyrocketed and she's having so much fun. The rules of "no boundaries" to some degree both on the field and the flexibility/freedom to play more body to body and stick to stick is teaching her a whole new skillset. In addition, playing with older girls helps motivate her to play up and their encouragement has been wonderful to see/hear. You are so communicative, technical and just great energy so my daughter has loved working with you and the Seals coaches. The Seals coaches brought another level of Game IQ and strategy to the practices. It was such a balanced feeling of getting both Game IQ, confidence building, conditioning and a positive environment. Girls who are typically on opposing teams to come together and play a NEW sport was fun to watch as they grow and learn the game together."

 "I wanted to take a moment to share some feed back from this weekend regarding Coach Moose. I had the added vantage point to observe how he coached the team and interacted with the players during every game while running one of the doors in the box. At the start of the tournament
Coach Moose on Saturday morning arrived with a high level of optimism and excitement to be coaching the boys. He seemed to find a way to interact on a personal level with each of them, providing motivating comments and individual instructions. I witnessed him do this before each game.

In the box he was constantly moving up and down the line coaching the boys on the field and pumping up those line the line. Coach Moose would pull lines to the side who just came off the field giving them feedback of what they did well and little pointers to improve upon. At times he did pull individuals aside for needed private conversations for miss steps on the field or to address incorrect coaching they may have of been giving others or for lack or following team directions, such as not coming off the field.

Coach Moose coached, mentored and cheered the boys on every moment he was in the building. He gave these kids literally 220% of his attention and effort. Even after our loss in the final game he had encouraging words for the team. He emphasized how proud he was of their effort and that they all made a name for the Jr Seal program as a team who make its arrival known to box lacrosse scene in their first tournament."

“Cam helped my son learn high level box lacrosse IQ combined with real life drills and homework assignments that allowed him to practice these skills over and over. The accuracy of his shots and the precise nature of the assignments have made my son comfortable in uncomfortable situations. His stick skills improved a great deal with the box coaching and working with Cam and Wes. It will help his field game in a big way with feeds and tight shots. The physical level of play has helped my son, who is on the small side, not back down in tough situations.”

“If our son could play box year around, he would!  The opportunity to train with Cam has been a huge asset to his lacrosse skills, game IQ and strength as a player.  He has continued to grow over the past month in both box and with his field play. The skills and training he has received from Cam for box has truly strengthened him as well-rounded player that will continue to get better with every opportunity. The training for box has bettered his field game in quickness, stick skills and strategic game play. We could not be happier with the training and look forward to getting back at it with the exceptional coaching of Cam Holding and the Seals.”

“Our middle school son has really enjoyed Jr. Seals box training. He thinks the program is fun, improves stick skills, fosters faster decision making, improves inside shooting, drills quickness on the field and general field awareness. It’s a great program to amp up your lacrosse game.”

"Unbelievable experience, on and off the field, top notch communication, expert instruction that is introduced in a fun interactive way that will provide the best practices going forward."

“Box Lax with the Seals has been great!  Great coaching in an exciting box environment.  We look forward to it every week and are grateful for the opportunity to train with San Diego’s best lacrosse players!”

"This has been one of the best experiences for both my boys! Thank you to the excellent coaches! My boys have been playing lacrosse for about 5 years and this experience has definitely brought the spark back! The 15 yr old says his stick skills since training with the seals has improved so much. They look forward to each practice and beg me get there early. Thank you for guiding and teaching them."

"Our son has thoroughly enjoyed the Junior Seals program. He loves working with the top-notch coaches and other motivated players. Coach Cam, Coach Wes, and the rest of the coaching staff are fantastic. They communicate well with the kids as a team and also provide terrific individual feedback. My son is learning so much about the team game (e.g., passing, moving off ball, etc.) while also improving his individual skills (e.g., finishing, cutting, etc.). Coach Cam also does a great job communicating with the parents and families, especially during these unpredictable times. I highly recommend Junior Seals to any youth lacrosse player that is looking to improve his game under the guidance of exceptional coaches. Thank you Seals!"  

"We are so excited to be a part of the Jr. Seals program! Our boys have gained so much knowledge and confidence working with these coaches. Their love for the game has grown immensely. The time the coaches spend with these young athletes is so beneficial to their growth both mentally and physically. The coaching staff is so friendly, fun and professional!! We are so proud for our boys to be a part of this community!"

"Jr. Seals is the best coaching for the best price in San Diego.  I think that every lacrosse player should be playing box lacrosse, and I am very pleased with the coaching and the families that have been participating. Improvement in my son's stick skills as well as his confidence in placing the ball has been greatly improved. He plays defense in field lacrosse, and even with the pole, he is much more confident and capable with the ball. In Rec he is playing more offense, and is much better at scoring than he has been. The staff is responsive, courteous, and knowledgeable.  All of the personnel have been great, bringing their knowledge and building the players up without ego. I am super impressed!"

"Program has been great, we hope this is a long term program and relationship. My son knows many of the kids already, but I see the boys getting closer, knowing each other's nuances on the field, all of which will make them a better team long term (passing and ball movement over hero ball.) My son has been getting better around the net (scoring), getting smarter and tougher with picks, gaining space and being patient. He's always had good stick skills, especially passing, but getting him to crash the net this year has been an improvement. Jr Seals is helping him with box and field play which is awesome. It's also given him a little more space for creativity (aka behind the back), which will help him in both games. Cam and Wes have been great, our our son loves you guys. My wife and I also appreciate you guys holding them accountable and making them run sprints and push ups, this generation does not get enough of that. The professionalism you are pushing on the kids is perfect."

"My son has played HS and club Lax locally for several years. There are some obvious differences between your programs and those. Stick skills improved noticeably after just a few practices. As a pole, he seldom participates in drills that improve his stick skills.  As a result his stick handling had plateaued. After picking up a short stick and practicing a few weeks with the Seals program, that changed. In the 3 tournaments that my son played in after practicing with the Seals; his ground ball numbers were up, he cleared every ball that came to him, and he had no penalties. While always a great close defender, his improved stick handling made him an even better player. Seals Coaching is superior - The drills are more diverse and interesting, the constant vocalization by the coaches is noticeable, the amount of player touches-per-minute is high."